Restaurant Raves: Baijiu Bar

Disclosure: I'm a full-fledged, passionate-about-work Dietitian, but really, my dream job is that of a world-travelling professional food critic. What a delight to my senses it would be to see the world AND to taste it! My mother chose "travel agent" as her second career, but has written about food in her travel journals with such precise detail that you could relive the flavours again and again. Through her continually chatting to family about various exotic places she's been or has sent clients, finally the travel bug is getting to me. My love of good food has always got to me. The combination of the two would be just too much. For the time being, I settled quite comfortably on Baijiu Bar - an Asian Fusion fine dining bar located in the Mercer building in Edmonton (although looking back on the experience, I wouldn't call it settling). My sister's best friend provided the intel on this place for my sister's bachelorette party, and we provided the hungry appetites. What a ride!