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How easy is it to GIVE AWAY MONEY?

It's this easy: I'm giving away $100 in groceries to one of y'all in exactly 7 days. Pay attention to the simple instructions below...

*HINT: Ask YOUR friends to share the info in your Facebook comments or emails to get more entries!

I want to raise awareness to how YOU or someone you know might be wasting valuable health spending dollars and giving it away, right back to the company that promised such fabulous health benefits when you were hired!

Don't let your hard-earned $$$ go to waste! Check your health insurance benefits to see how much you are covered for Registered Dietitian services! Whether you need just a slight refining of your nutrition choices or a complete diet overhaul, you can benefit from some time-tested coaching from yours truly! You've got about one month left until your benefits roll over in 2018... Take advantage of this opportune time of year so that you can use both years' coverage for one of my long-term programs!

Oh yeah, and about that $100 grocery card... Share and like this post on Facebook, or forward this text in an email to a friend and BCC (blind carbon copy) my email - - for an entry into the contest! The more shares and forwards you've got, the more entries you'll have!

Build the awareness!! And get that grocery card in time for some holiday grocery shopping. Contest deadline is November 26!

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