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Nourished by Bri sees clients on evenings and weekends in Edmonton by appointment only. Out-of-town clients are served by phone and video-conferencing. Bri is also experienced as a speaker at wellness events/seminars.

We'll be chatting in person, by phone, or video-conferencing for our nutrition sessions!

Please note for new program starts...

Since 2020, I have been conducting only ONLINE VIDEO CONSULTATIONS. This is how I can most safely serve the maximum number of clients my small home-based private private can handle.


I reassure you this will not affect your program delivery or quality as I am very familiar with doing remote and online coaching accompanied by consistent email response where required.
Thank you for your understanding - and stay safe and well!


You'll be contacted within 24 to 48 hours after your appointment booking by email or phone.

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"I met with Brianna in March 2017 to discuss dietary choices for my three year old daughter, who had a chronic cough precipitated by a potential food allergy. Insightful, professional, and knowledgeable are all words I can certainly use to describe Brianna. She was well prepared, listened intently to my explanation about my daughter's allergies, and formulated responses that were tailored to her specific needs.

I made the decision to pursue the consultation of a nutritionist as I was becoming unfulfilled with the common pediatric explanation pertaining to children’s allergies - that they would humbly ‘Grow out of it’. As I needed to manage her symptoms in the present, I decided to pursue the dietary route and that’s when I was fortunate to have met Brianna. We seemed to have similar beliefs when it came to dietary choices and lifestyle for children. Rather than medicate, one could simply analyze and manipulate a diet to increase the quality of life for a child with allergies.

Our daughter had a chronic cough for nearly two years. After dozens of hospital/pediatric visits, puffers and drugs, potential asthma diagnoses and a lot of missed ‘being a kid’ time, I realized that perhaps it was simply an allergy causing the cough. Having done everything I could to treat a potential asthma condition, I decided to talk to Brianna. I implemented her suggestions, such as diarizing my daughter's diet to look for potential trends in food allergies. She also suggested we pursue certain dietary medical conditions that could indeed cause respiratory issues, suggestions that our doctors did not propose. We received an allergy test from a private clinic to couple our meeting with Brianna, to help us understand what may be afflicting her these past years. This specific allergy test was explained in scientific detail, allowing us to make an informed decision on what tests were actually helpful to diagnose intolerances.

Wandering down the journey of my daughter's health, I believe I can accurately say that my meeting with Brianna was actually the most beneficial, logical and positive experience in the path to determining the root cause of my daughter's chronic cough. I plan on seeing Brianna again and would highly advise anyone with questions about diet, health and positive living to speak with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of professional advice. Unique to Brianna is her calm demeanor, her experience and her ability to design a plan unique to the client. Often, people's health questions are put into categories with pre-conditioned answers – for the first time in years this did not happen during my visit with Brianna.

Truly, I cannot say enough kind things about her. I also strongly encourage that other practitioners use Brianna as an example of how to keep the client/patient the number one priority and to take each case as a unique challenge to work as a team to solve. She was able to give something to me that, as a parent, is extremely encouraging when dealing with a sick child… a plan. A plan that can potentially be that ‘A-ha’ moment to improve their child's quality of life. At times, the parent has to be the professional, trying to figure out what's ailing a sick child. I put that trust in Brianna, seeking her out as a professional in her field, and I can unequivocally say, she didn’t let me down."

Working with children is a sensitive yet rewarding experience. I'm happy to report that just a week after Matt's visit, his daughter’s symptoms had improved!


I met Brianna for the first time at my company's Health and Wellness Fair earlier in the year. Before I met her, I was on a vegetarian diet for over a year but had not lost any weight -instead it was the reverse. Clearly my diet at that time wasn't working out for me so I decided to try out a consultation with her. In just our first meeting we were able to identify the food that was working against me, even if it was vegetarian. As a meat eater all my life I was replacing real meat with veggie meat which sometimes isn't any better. We also found that I was taking in more carbs such as hashbrowns, fries and other zero nutrient foods that were my meat replacements. When we went through a list of more nutrient dense foods, we identified ones that I should try more of such as darker green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. We started with 2 goals at a time that we would commit to and then grow from there at our next meeting. During our meeting I also noticed her books she referenced on her website on her shelves. They were both "Eat to Live" and "How not to Die". Brianna explained that the books expanded on the knowledge that we talked about on the importance of nutrient dense foods and how it leads to a healthier lifestyle. I immediately bought the books afterwards and read through them as they sounded interesting. These books coupled with Brianna's coaching in our immediate follow up meetings gave me a whole new insight into eating a plant-based diet.

Before I met Brianna, I was counting calories on everything I ate. But I learned this wasn't the best way to measure if I wanted to attain my goal of weight loss and living a much healthier lifestyle; I had to identify foods with the right amount of nutrients and macro-nutrients in addition to the calories I consumed in my diet. Brianna helped me identify all of that and now I look for foods that are not just low calorie but rich in fiber.

Since our first meeting I've lost 40lbs, my BMI is now back to normal and my body feels young again. I can't thank Brianna enough for helping guide me to the correct path to a better and more nutritious diet!

John is now 50 lb lighter than he was a year prior, as healthy vegetarian choices have revealed all his hard work in the gym! He continues to impress his friends and family with a radical new healthy look! Amazing!

John's wife soon after also signed up for an individualized program of her own, and uses healthy meal planning to support her shift work as a nurse. What a healthy and committed family! Right on!


"I had always said I'd never work with a personal trainer. I felt that with all the resources out there, I could do it on my own. I thought trainers would want you to eat a high protein low fat diet that was difficult to maintain. This all changed when I was working out five days a week, eating extremely clean and not seeing results.

I read Brianna’s profile and loved that she was both a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer! She understands how the body works beyond just how to lose weight and build muscle. I limit gluten, dairy and egg in my diet due to an intolerance, and she’s been able to work around that.

I cannot praise Brianna enough for everything she’s done for me in the past 5 months! I’ve noticed improvements in my physical appearance, I’ve gained muscle definition and have so much more energy throughout the day.  Brianna challenges me and has such attention to detail with each exercise. We are now on our 10th month of twice-weekly sessions and I plan to continue working with her! I highly recommend Brianna to anyone whether you’re new to fitness or an extreme gym rat! She can take your workouts to the next level!"

Jana continues to work hard in the gym after committing to 3 personal training sessions a week and an in-depth nutrition plan. She has maintained incredible strength and tone and keeps her nutrition plan flexible by incorporating new recipes that work within her goals.

After a year of maintaining a healthy diet and fitness plan, Jana returned for some more ideas on making plant-based meals and recipes to fuel her intensified activity in the gym. You go girl!

*Note: Bri no longer trains clients in fitness, but the background knowledge she can contribute to her sport nutrition clients is second to none!

"My husband and I finally made the choice that we wanted to start eating healthier. Neither of us were feeling “good in our skin” and we needed help in turning around our eating habits. A Google search later, we came across Brianna’s website. We were optimistic about what we read about her, so we decided to set up a meeting.


We are both so lucky that we did! Bri created a safe space to talk openly about the changes we each wanted to make in ourselves, and her encouragement and knowledge has helped us become a healthier version of “us”. She introduced us to a whole new world of plant-based foods and provided great alternatives to what we were normally used to eating. She created personal meal plans specific to our likes and dislikes and made great suggestions that added flavor and nutrients to our dishes. Her idea to set three small, attainable nutrition goals each week was a great motivator.


Over the course of 6 months, we learned how to cook together, make better choices on what we put into our bodies, and completely changed our palates. We’ve learned that it’s ok to indulge…but to try to choose plant-based recipes as much as we can. We have both lost pounds and inches, but more importantly, we feel satisfied and healthy with every meal! We couldn’t have done it without Bri!


If you are reading this review, don’t hesitate—contact her right this minute. You won’t regret it!"

Couples programs are especially effective because you can keep one another accountable after acquiring all the tools and knowledge you need to eat healthily! Even despite a few physical hurdles, Krista and Gord excelled in achieving all their nutrition and lifestyle-related goals and continue to make strides in health and weight loss!


"I had a wonderful experience with Bri as a dietitian and nutritionist in the fall of 2019 and would definitely recommend her services! She is welcoming and professional, and responded to my individual needs and challenges.

I signed up for a 4 week plan as I felt like I had a good handle on my diet but wanted some additional advice. I’ve been vegetarian for a long time and I regularly cook for myself from scratch, but over the last few years I’ve been dealing with PCOS and weight gain and thought I could be doing more to address that with my diet.

In my sessions I felt like Bri was very knowledgable, attentive and understanding. She helped me to identify areas where I could improve and kick start good habits that I’m still following today! After spending a lot of time trying to figure things out on my own and searching online only to find conflicting results, this is the first time in years that I’ve felt more assured and in control of my diet. Thank you Bri!"

Lauren's commitment to the intensive 4-week coaching program yielded amazing results for her health and overall approach to meal planning plant-based meals and snacks!


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"I worked with Brianna doing nutritional coaching for three months in early 2017. After trying many different weight loss plans over the last 20 years, it was a pleasant surprise to see her approach focused on improvements, big or small, and the goal towards becoming more healthy and good to my body vs more skinny. In the past I tended to be overzealous at the beginning of new eating or exercise plans, and then eventually run out of gas after significant restrictions or unrealistic expectations. Instead of fitting me with "food handcuffs" Brianna taught me how to eat differently, realize how different food choices make me feel, and change my perspective on what it means to be healthy. She is a delight to work with: upbeat, supportive and encouraging.


I was previously an all or none type of eater- if I made some food choices that I considered "bad" I'd abandon the changes I'd made to date and go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. I simply don't do that anymore- Brianna taught me it's not an all or none mentality. It's all about basic small changes that lead further down the road of wellness. My biggest concern was that I can't cook- but guess what? Eating healthy does not need to be hard! I learned to cook, and (don't tell my family) but kind of enjoy it now that I know how to make things that are easy, taste great and make me and my family feel good. 


Bottom line? I haven't felt or looked this good in years, and I've continued making improvements in my weight/health and fitness independently after finishing my coaching. I've lost a total of 24.5 inches and 23 pounds and would highly recommend Brianna to anyone who wants to make positive improvements with their nutrition."

Nici went on to have even more success beyond the time she spent with Brianna by applying the principles for choosing the healthiest diet and not letting special occasions change her emotional approach to food. She had amazing results, even in the first 2 weeks!


"I have been doing both Personal Training and Dietitian appointments with Brianna for roughly 3 months now and I can't say enough good things about my journey so far.


I have struggled all my life with poor eating habits and inconsistent work out plans. Since working with Brianna, I can proudly say that I have been successful at implementing and maintaining and a healthy and balanced diet.


If you are someone who is looking to make a long term change, I strongly recommend working with Brianna. She is very knowledge about all things fitness and nutrition and acts as a supportive friend along the way. Best of luck with your fitness journey, I promise you won't be disappointed!"

Chelsey has simplified the way she approaches healthy eating with guidance from her Dietitian. She no longer experiences intense cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods, and has the knowledge base to choose and prepare the healthiest foods for her body and fitness goals.

Chelsey continues to rock it in the gym! She started with the program unable to complete a proper pushup and can now do 15 unbroken pushups and 10 pull-ups with light assistance. Though this is her first time doing resistance training, she is always excited to come to her work outs, and has seen incredible results with strength and stamina.

*Note: Bri no longer trains clients in fitness, but the background knowledge she can contribute to her sport nutrition clients is second to none!


This could be YOUR amazing testimonial!

If you think we would be a great fit for you,

don't hesitate to BOOK NOW!

"I began working with Brianna in 2014. When I was first starting I really didn't know what to expect, and in the past I have always struggled with staying interested in working out and eating healthy. So I wasn't even sure if I would manage to stick with it the entire time.

Luckily for me it’s been a very pleasant experience from the start. We started with some basic fitness evaluation, and we sat and talked about nutrition and what sort of approaches would best work for me. Since diet is always such a tough thing to maintain, I was a bit worried at first because I’ve always failed at it in the past. Fortunately she was able to come up with something that is healthy, and fits my needs perfectly, while being very flexible at the same time.

On top of her immense knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, Brianna is also a pretty wicked personal trainer. She’s very good at challenging me and pushing me to work harder, while being realistic at the same time. Her ability to change up a workout on the fly is a great thing as well. I find she also pays a lot of attention to form, and will put emphasis on maintaining that.

I’m currently on my third set of sessions with Brianna now, and I hope to continue with her in the future. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great trainer and dietitian."

Jay managed to maintain his 20-lb weight loss and much improved body composition with weight training and a custom-made nutrition program. Great work Jay!

*Note: Bri no longer trains clients in fitness, but the background knowledge she can contribute to her sport nutrition clients is second to none!

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