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Are you done with "diets" and quick fixes? Ready for a sustainable lifestyle overhaul?


Your nutrition care plan is created to be specific to your lifestyle, goals, and tastes!

A custom-made Nutrition Program

How can these programs work for me?

Nourished by Bri takes a holistic approach based on real whole foods with an emphasis on plant-based choices to maximize your nutrient intake and health potential and minimize the stuff your body doesn't need to thrive.

Bri's nutrition programs take you step-by-step through various tools and techniques to achieve your weight management and nutrition goals. She is mindful of your individual challenges and provides absolutely delicious recipes and unique mental approaches to help you sustain your health change!

Nourished by Bri's approach to nutritional counselling is based on getting a wide variety of nutritious foods, so they are in no way restrictive! Make sure to let your Dietitian know about any food restrictions you need to abide by and "treats" you would like to be able to include once in awhile.

Why should I work with a Dietitian?

What sets "Nourished by Bri" apart from other Dietitians and Nutritionists?

Brianna is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, which means she has completed a 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree with a Physical Activity Specialization and a supervised, hands-on internship. She has experience working in hospitals combatting a variety of nutrition-related illnesses, and also has a fitness background working as a Personal Trainer for 4 years.

Dietitians are qualified health professionals regulated by a professional body just as Pharmacists or Doctors are. They can work with various medical conditions and provide much more than just a generic meal plan. Dietitians are accountable to provide up-to-date, science-based, client-specific advice that is uninhibited by personal financial interest. See more info here

Brianna's background in fitness and experience as a Personal Trainer sensitized her to the demands of sport and weight management. Her enthusiasm for preventing chronic health conditions inspires clients to make health a lifelong journey with plenty of positive achievements along the way. She has worked with people of all sorts of ages, abilities, and fitness goals. Read the FAQ's for more details!

Registered Dietitians are experts on human nutrition. They are qualified to work with a myriad of health conditions and personal health goals to optimize your nutrition in a way that is customized to your lifestyle.

Your Dietitian is there to provide unbiased and empathetic guidance, support, and expert science-based advice throughout your program.

Bri has worked with clients that have all sorts of health conditions and different levels of "nutrition literacy", and also works with babies, children and youth of all ages to refine and tune up nutrition choices for optimal growth and health!

Check with your insurance provider to see if you have some coverage for Registered Dietitian services!

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