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I can help you
permanently lose weight and heal your symptoms
so that you can
live longer, be there for your family and
enjoy life the way you want to.

How dietitian bri can help you


Lifetime of NourishMNT is perfect for you if you want to...


  • Lose weight permanently while avoiding chronic diseases using professional guidance and support

  • Restore gut health and decrease inflammation so you can experience life pain-free and symptom-free

  • Abandon dieting and restrictive eating forever so you are free to think about food and exercise in the way that brings you the most joy

  • Maintain strength, mobility and vitality with aging so that you’ll have limitless possibilities of how you spend quality time with your family and friends

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Kickstart to NourishMNT is perfect for you if you want to...


  • Stop dieting and make shifts in your mindset so you can think positively about food and health change

  • Get changes happening NOW with daily habit creation tips from leading experts to coast easily into lifestyle transformation

  • Fight chronic disease and inflammation with easy steps to add nutritious foods so you can start feeling confident you will live a longer, fuller life because of how you eat

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What results can I expect ?

NourishMNT™ is a permanent lifestyle change protocol created by a Registered Dietitian - for healing and protecting against inflammatory conditions, correcting mindless eating, and enabling you to achieve sustainable weight loss and health outcomes.

Many of my clients experience benefits such as increased energy, improved appearance of hair and skin, sustainable weight loss and/or slimmer figures, reduced cravings of salt and sugar, better digestion, and ease of maintaining a healthy weight!

Some clients have reduced their high blood pressure, eliminated irritable bowel symptoms, corrected high cholesterol and triglycerides, reduced PCOS symptoms, reversed prediabetes and reduced their dosage of insulin as a type 2 diabetic!

Could this be you? ...

Longevity & Health with a Whole FOod, Plant-centered Diet

An unprocessed, whole foods, plant-heavy diet is a great way to positively impact your health and well-being, and ward off the major preventable chronic diseases of the world. 

However, looking at the longest-living populations of the world, one doesn't have to commit to being fully plant-based to enjoy a lot of the benefits that plant foods like vegetables, legumes, and fruits provide!

If you are curious about a more plant-based diet, or looking to optimize your already plant-centered diet, working with me could help you incorporate these changes seamlessly and easily into your life!

learn more to live longer and enjoy life on your terms

As a healthcare practitioner, I would advise you to gather as much knowledge as you can! After all,

Lucky for you, I am an expert at interpreting the research and making it easy to apply to your life RIGHT NOW. You simply deserve the best I can provide!

"The biggest obstacle to DISCOVERY is NOT IGNORANCE; it is the ILLUSION of knowledge". - Daniel J. Boorstin

Looking to stay educated or get started with inspiration to eat healthier?
Here are some ways you can stay in the know about the most up-to-date nutrition research...

- Sign up to email updates from and 

- Purchase and read the following: 

          Eat to Live  and Eat for Life by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

          How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

          Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD 

          Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield, RD 

- Watch the following documentaries and videos:

          Food, Inc.
          Food Choice

          The Game Changers

          Supersize Me

          Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

          Forks Over Knives

          Fed Up

          Just Eat It

- Book a PERSONAL FREE CONSULTATION with me to see how we can cover all your unique nutrition questions and goals!

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