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Unbeetable Liver Support Juice

Beets contain tons of nutrients and compounds that the body uses to detoxify naturally with your powerful liver!


A few of these include betaine, which helps the liver cells eliminate toxins; pectin, a fiber which clears the toxins that have been removed from the liver so they don't reincorporate back into the body; and betalains, pigments with high anti-inflammatory properties to encourage the detoxification process. In juicing, the fiber is removed from beets, but you'll still get the beautiful pigment circulation through your bloodstream - thus, pink toilet water after you go. Ta-da! Process of bathing your cells with nutrition = complete.

Not a good juice choice for individuals with hemochromatosis, but fabulous in moderate amounts for those with iron-deficiency anemia, irregular bowel habits, and for those kickstarting a healthy diet.


1 cup spinach

1 romaine heart

1 whole cucumber

4 large carrots

1 whole beet

1 apple

1/2 lemon, including rind


Set up your high-powered juicer. Select organic fruits and veggies. Wash and prepare for juicing (see Juicing 101). Juice away! Serve immediately.

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