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What GOD has done for my business!

With the holiday season coming to a great and beautiful crescendo with Christmas, I am happy to bring honour to the one person in life I can't live without.

I would not be where I am in this cozy and comfortable spot if it weren't for the ever-loving God I serve.

He has carried me through ups and downs of battling personal insecurities, conquering business and personal goals, overcoming impatience and internal anger issues, and venturing too far into worrying of what others think of me but then rediscovering what He says about me. He has whittled down all my countless and burdensome "should be doing's" into simple and light-hearted "being's". He has removed the ugliness of jealousy and bitter competition from my spirit. He has softened my heart to accept the wisdom and counsel of wiser others. He has seemed, at times to retreat into less obvious forms, but always shows up gloriously with a daring rescue and peaceful presence when I most need it. He has blessed my business and my life in ways that I could not imagine, and given me promises for the future beyond my wildest dreams! Most of all, He has steered me clear from a hypocritical road of lending too much credit to my own abilities rather than crediting my successes and triumphs to His abundant blessings.

Glory goes to God unseen, and Jesus the King... who loves us all dearly, seeks us out personally, and knows us intimately, if you didn't know.

(I dare you, just ask Him to show up if you're wondering where He is!)

Merry Christmas to all! Blessings to your family from ours :)


- Bri

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