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Your invitation to fight the Black Friday Blues

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

In the midst of all that is overwhelming, overstimulating, and overbearing, I invite you into a little quiet space.

Let's go "under".

Underneath the surface of our drive to see our dreams for the perfect life realized in STUFF and APPEARANCE, there may be some lightbulb moments I can share with you.

Today, I listened over again to an excerpt from "Get Your Life Back" by John Eldredge.

I remembered how he described that the more we compare ourselves to others on social media, whether we are feeling superior or at least feeling relieved of what blessings we can enjoy, or feeling defeated and insufficient on this comparison, the more we feel depressed, as evaluated by scientific research.

I thought about this as I was suddenly buried in a mountain of flyers when I opened my mailbox, as I tried to play my kiddo's favourite tunes through the internet and was bombarded with Black Friday ads, and also after coming up for air after one of those mindless hours during which your phone sucks you in and spits you out again with no knowledge of what you picked up your phone for in the first place. Ugh.

Then, I walked through one of the biggest malls in the world this week and I came home mentally exhausted from the lights, flashy signs, and subtle or obvious pushes of commercialism. I'm sure you can relate!

Today, to counteract the business and busy-ness of this Black Friday weekend, I invite you to do one of the following...

1. Download and start a 30-day challenge toward mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience through John Eldredge's completely free Pause app.

2. Light a candle and breathe... with absolutely no distractions, meditating on the goodness of being alive and connected to your fellow humans around the world.

3. Consider the physical resilience that food can offer you, and make a great choice today by enjoying more nutritious cozy comfort food within this winter season.

You can take a step toward restoring your your mental and physical health with well-planned nutrition. When you find it's possible for you to feel completely at ease with food by discovering the truth about food that protects your health, it's sheer magic. I'm sure there are opportunities coming up to bask in the glow of intentionally-prepared traditional meals, as opposed to dreading these occasions if lately you've been less than conscious in your decisions made around health and food.

If you need help with this, look no further. My signature program, NourishMNT, is enrolling by application this season. There's no other program out there like it, offering the potential for increased length and quality of life through nutrition, and opportunity to make peace with food offered to you within my NourishMNT program.

Especially if you have insurance coverage for a Registered Dietitian - you won't want this to go to waste as we can use both this and next year's coverage toward it! Get started by looking into my free 4-day course or booking a personal call with me to apply.

I want to let you in on all the secrets that have helped make one sector of my life completely effortless. I can't rescue you from every trap that corporate giants have laid out for the masses, but I can offer you this much -- coaching you on how to stave off chronic illness for as long as physically possible, and giving you a way to think about food that allows you to prioritize health on autopilot.

Best of the season to you!

In gratitude,


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