Dairy-free Lentil Mushroom Stroganoff

Now and then I experiment in the kitchen and it actually GOES WELL! Without too much babble about how this came about, I'll be introducing you to your newest dairy-free, vegan derivative of a family favourite...


This came together on a whim, thinking for a second I wanted to use up cabbage and make lazy cabbage rolls, but then wanting to steer away from tomato-ey tastes and whip up something savoury without too much tang.

Starting my adventure, I got busy on the phone for a minute and accidentally charred some of the cabbage, but no harm done. It added to the depth of flavour and crisped up some of the pieces. (I'm human too :D )

I found a can of coconut milk and then thought, "Curry remake!" from one of my fave restaurants, Padmanadi, but then settled on bringing creamy and savoury together with some dried thyme and fresh dill. A non-dairy free option would be to garnish with plain yogurt, but I preferred the fully-committed version with dairy-free sour cream to top.

It's a beautiful thing. A happy accident. And I'll try my best to recreate it for you here below...