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Why September is the best month for using your healthcare coverage for a Dietitian

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Why is a Dietitian program like this one got to be a high priority for you to start in September or October?

The fall season is often a fresh start for many, with the beginning of the school year, the beginning of harvest season, and the end of summer gatherings and open schedules. A time to tuck in, cozy up and prepare our homes and mental state for a more work intensive period of the year.

What many people don't realize is that it's also an ideal time to start planning to make the most of your health spending account and coverage.

Your benefits likely renew in the New Year. And we all know what December usually brings - busyness. The scramble to use up your healthcare spending account in December brings extra unneeded stress upon your plate, when it should be a time of connection and celebration with loved ones, and enjoying the frosty wonderland that exists in better days of winter.

NourishMNT is now open for direct billing for certain insurance companies. If you start in September, October, or November, you'll be able to use both this year and next years coverage to aid in your investment into your health.

And, even if you feel "too busy" in this season, don't worry - you will have lifetime access to the written (and continuously updated) written and video content (which is, truly, enough to keep you actively learning and implementing new ideas for a whole year and beyond), and I'll keep you accountable to get excellent results in record time through our one-on-one video conference appointments.

You can invest once, and forever reap the benefits and have access to the tools to help you fix or prevent health symptoms, lose weight permanently, and live life the way you want to - free from diet mindset, weight worries, and with a lowered risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other inflammatory conditions.

If you would like to know more about the Lifetime of NourishMNT program and how you can get set up to stay as happy and healthy as possible for the rest of your life, drop me a line or book your one-on-one interview with me now.

Let's do this. Make the most of the rest of 2023. Make this the year you took charge. Make this the moment you took a risk. The moment you took your life back.

With encouragement in health and high hopes for your future --


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