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Unapologetically absent

Hello beautiful ones!

I shared this in a Tony Robbins Challenge group and found it resonated with a LOT of people.

Here's the original post:

So I'm popping it right into your inbox in hopes that it will spark some inspiration to do life on your terms, and plan for a future that is wonderful.

Unapologetically absent

At times it's all right to miss out.

To avoid or let go of certain friendships and influences because you just need a mental rest from this person's manner of being and thinking.

To miss out on gathering with communities of like-minded woman or men, in order to be challenged by opinions and ideas that will either strengthen your beliefs or turn them into something new and better.

To avoid social media for its onslaught of advertisements because you truly are content with the blessings in your life at the present moment.

To avoid spaces of habitual overindulgence in order to re-center yourself and whittle your preferences down to what you truly enjoy and what truly matters to you.

To take a break from being vulnerable to the wrong sort of people who don't offer you time and space to be yourself.

To forgo a meal out so that you can learn how to be with your family

or be in your own wonderful company, and make a meal from scratch like old times.

To be fully present in every moment today, hearing the musical coos and calls of your baby, the laughter of schoolchildren across the field, the wind in the whispering aspens, smelling the irreplaceable aromas of summer blooms and green leaves, sensing God’s presence doing it all with you, as you sip your tea or clean the dishes or mow the lawn.

To dial back your commitments so that you can have pockets of rest throughout your day to reflect, philosophize, and visualize where you want to be tomorrow, and in five or 10 years.

To refuse to be in this popularized continual state of learning in order to apply what wisdom you have been gifted in this present moment.

Don't be sorry for missing out. Don't be afraid of missing out. You might gain so much more life if you just let go.

Lots of love, wishes for health and well-being to you!


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Heather Tansem
Heather Tansem
Jul 26, 2023

Brianna - your words and insight in this post have struck a chord for me today. Thank you.

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