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Bri's Back in Business!

Baby Rafael is three months old!!! Can you believe it???

Thank you for your continued support while I transition into becoming a parent! There is no role I’d rather have than to be Rafi’s mama. I’m so grateful that my work and my family enable me to soak up every golden minute of watching a little human grow and discover the world.

Please note that I resume taking clients this month. I continue to have a wait list for programs, so if you are interested in returning as a client, referring a friend of family member, or jumping on board for the first time, drop me a line and I’ll see you as soon as possible! You might even get to cuddle baby Raf if you like!

We have been doing so well as a new family, if you have been wondering, thanks to prayers and lots of family and friend support. With that, I’m humbly acknowledging that the transition into motherhood was way more difficult than the (amazing and peaceful) medication-free home birth and initial post-partum period. The mix of cuddle hormones and adrenaline that kept me perfectly content waking up for 3 am feeds also meant I was not feeling “myself” for a number of weeks and unable to really rest my head and my body. It brings my awareness to the reality of new mom mental health struggles, because for some moms, sometimes it’s not just baby blues! God only knows where I’d be without my hubby and support system. I am so thankful!

August is breastfeeding awareness month. Yes, fed is best, but breast is even better! There is always that initial struggle for new moms, so I hear, but getting over that initial hurdle is so worth it. Often moms who don’t breastfeed do not have the social, physical or emotional support to do so. Also, countries who don't provide great maternal leave plans have far lower rates of breastfeeding (of course they do!). If you have some gal pals who are struggling, encourage them to see a lactation consultant or other trusted professional for help.

Stay tuned for my next post on what I found to be essential steps to an easy labour and post-partum period!

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