2020's Top Nutrition Trends!! And NBB's New Year Newsletter

Happy 2020!!! What's in store for you this year? Have you found your "word of the year" yet? What one new thing will you commit to, without a doubt? Are there any new habits and rituals you're hoping to create in your day-to-day?

While you stare at your light-up box and contemplate life, let me update you on the latest from this community... and PLEASE, share this post and email with friends whom you think could benefit from seeing a Dietitian!

Trends for nutrition on social media include new blends of plant-based protein powders, sustainable legumes and grains like peas, buckwheat, oats, and barley, adaptogens, probiotics and prebiotics, and diets that try to take the best of both worlds to create something new (did someone say "pegan?"). How long will they last? You'll be playing a part this year as you try new foods and diets, but let it not all overwhelm you! You're more than welcome to slow down to tackle the basics and details of your own diet and meal planning, step by step!

Trends among Nourished clients

Allergen-friendly. Plenty of Nourished by Bri clients are finding solace in the array of options within their allergy-restricted diets with some simple coaching from a dietitian. In 2019 I helped clients with dairy, gluten, nut, seed, fruit, sulphite and histamine allergies.

Couples programs. Many clients come TWO BY TWO as a couple - it's so trendy to commit to a healthier diet with your significant other, not to mention SUPER EFFECTIVE when you come to me as a team, rooting for each other's success!<