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Sending virtual hugs during a global pandemic...

Hello community! I’m here for you! Sending love.

My deepest sympathies to any of you out there struggling with childcare arrangements and work stresses, the need to self-isolate, business closures, and concerns regarding sick or at-risk family members and friends.

I am joining the collective fight by reducing the occasions I have to be out doing regular errands, and encouraging clients to remain at home for their appointments to be done online. We are healthy and I hope you are staying healthy and careful too.

May I offer the reassurance that this may be the perfect time to prioritize what matters in your life… Whether it be spending those precious extra hours with family that you don’t normally get, taking some time to retreat from the chaos, checking in with neighbours who may be in need of assistance, or checking inward spiritually, I’m hoping we will come together with love at the center of our actions. With circumstances as unpredictable as they may seem, we might abandon our health needs and goals in various ways. You may feel the urge to drop your plans to try to eat healthier, or let stress get the better of you physically and mentally, or be at a loss for what in the ever-loving world we are going to cook without those key ingredients! Please know that I’m just a quick email away if you a little bit of inspiration or support.

My hope is that with circumstances highlighting the importance of caring for one another, our world will turn for the better: to be diligent about hand hygiene and passing on flus and other bugs to vulnerable populations, to reduce food waste and take and use just what we need, to be master home cooks and meal-preppers and grow healthier in the process, to be compassionate and caring towards our neighbours in need, and to not take for granted the love language of physical contact, whether it be a hug or a handshake! Consider reaching out online to support groups, using actual voice phone calls to connect with friends and family, breaking out the board games and creative ideas for family fun, making beautiful meals at home with family and close friends, and staying familiar with those who are already isolated in your neighbourhood to help where you can!

With that in mind, please see the following links I have compiled to help care for my community at this unpredictable time. I’m here for you and all your nutrition-related needs!

May God bless you and keep you safe, and make his face to shine upon you! Be at peace, my friend!

Lots of love,


Current situation in Alberta and information on COVID-19

Meals made from pantry staples (the plant-based ones, in order to reduce the crazy demand for meat and milk!)

Meals made from mostly fresh produce (if you didn’t get out before the shelves cleared! Again, please just take what you need!)

Online Summit sign-up to learn about plant-based meals and health/fitness (something to do in April if you’re looking for something to do online!)

Alberta/Edmonton Food bank support and local meals for difficult times

British Dietetic Association notes regarding COVID and nutrition

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