Baked Vegan Mac N' Cheese with Peppered Tofu Cubes

Vegan Baked Mac N Cheese

Another cozy meal for you. Built by yours truly, this cheesy, non-dairy mac n' cheese has the perfect amount of subtly sweet, sour, and savoury flavours, with the surprise crunch of delicious salt and pepper tofu cubes. Which, on their own, are a fantastic vegan party snack. Not that you likely have vegan parties very often - but if you do, I really hope I'm invited. Especially if you're cooking crispy tofu bites.

Salt and Pepper Tofu Bites

The fresh cracked black peppercorns over the tofu cubes really do make a world of a difference. I can't believe I ate food without fresh cracked sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, ever. If you don't have a salt and pepper mill, I'd invest the few dollars. It is a total game changer

The trick to making the perfect vegan "ch