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How to Ditch your Diet... in Favour of Whole Foods

It's time to break up with your dieting mindset. Things are not what you expected... it's not meeting your needs like it used to... and "hello, handsome" whole foods are the way.

The other day I spoke with some healthcare professionals who were proud to report they were "on a diet". I was stunned. Since when is it impressive to be on a diet? It does throw a wrench into my plan to relieve the world of the "dieting" mindset when the target audience is actively searching for a quick fix or restrictive plan to "be on". How much more unfortunate it is that just about everyone who starts a diet, whether they're happy to or not, DOES eventually return to old habits, or chooses a diet that damages their health, or else calorie restriction catches up with them and deems the efforts to radically change one's nutrition choices completely useless for long-term health.

In fact, yo-yo dieting is likely in part responsible for the rise in obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, and diabetes. I find it so disheartening observing that many of the efforts to be healthier are misplaced into quick-fix programs and taken advantage of by companies seeking to make a quick dollar off our desire to have it done quickly and painlessly.

The good news is that hope is on the horizon. With the rise in whole foods, holistic approaches to nutrition and weight management, we get to tackle many components of health at once, which are all confounding factors when it comes to weight management. It is a bit hard to use the scientific method placebo test to clarify whether certain changes, such as plant-based eating, healthy social environments, eating slowly and mindfully, have a profound effect on health, but experiential data from many sources and scientific journals provides evidence that it can be easier to stick with a wholly or relatively plant-based diet than the typical calorie restricted diet.

If you have been struggling with your health and weight management for awhile, maybe it's time to DITCH THE DIET and try something radical. A more plant-based diet! Not as radical, of course, as eating like everyone else and ending up on a table with a clot being dissected from your heart, or a limb amputated to quick-fix the damage that typical on-again-off-again dieting can do. #exaggeration #butnotreally #rantingagain

If you need an extra-special kickstart (because YOU DESERVE the best health we can whip up!), give my 7-Day Nutrient-Rich Reset a go. You will not regret it! Chock full of recipes and comprehensive tips, all packaged neatly into seven life-changing habits to help you take the plunge into whole foods eating.

Thanks to great mentors and patient patients (my clients), I've been refining and redeveloping my private practice to include many aspects of health, including digestion, sleep, stress management, and exercise. The end result speaks for itself, as more and more people have experienced lasting results than ever before! If you feel like this needs to be you, jump on the wagon and give me a shout on the contact page.

So much love,


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