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5 Tips for Navigating the Gym (During the New Year and beyond!)

Whether you're new to this fitness thing or a well-seasoned training veteran, the prospect of "New Year Resolutions" can scare you away from the gym eventually... I suspect you'll either be frustrated you can't find a space to work out, or that joining a gym without a long-term plan and accountability. See the five tips below for how to keep committed to your fitness into the New Year and beyond! FIVE TIPS FOR NAVIGATING THE GYM 1. Step away from the machines. While machines can be great to target specific muscle growth for beginners, they won't challenge your body as much as free weights can. Free weights and compound body exercises like squats, lunges, pushups (even from an incline), and bent-over rows can have a lasting impact on your body composition if you do them properly! 2. Bring your workout plan with you and center it around only a few different kinds of weights. My friend Shane Kokas posted a workout the other day that involved only two or three different exercises and it looked killer! You don't have to do 12 different exercises to feel the burn. 3. Keep the few pieces of equipment close to you. I have heard peoples' frustrations with other gym-goers stealing their weights or machines when left unattended, or waiting while almost comically tapping their foot for you to be finished with your equipment. So that you can keep up the intensity and reserve your equipment, find a spot where everything can stay close. Change up your workout and equipment throughout the week and month to see the most benefits! 4. Get some guidance. Are you starting out new or just getting into a fresh set of goals? Whether it's 15 minutes with a fit friend or hours a week with a trainer, don't be shy to step out and ask for help and exercise tips. We trainers love to offer help - that's why we've made this our career! 5. Invest in doing training or classes at a private gym. You might think it's pricier than your typical corporate giant gym, but often the prices are very competitive, and you may not have to pay yearly membership fees. At a private gym everyones know your name, but all are there for the same reason and so there's no need to worry that everybody's watching you in a smaller crowd. Think about the ramifications of paying membership to a large gym but not going because nobody knows you enough to keep you accountable to keep going! A smaller gym is often friendlier, and members or clients find it easier to commit to their goals due to the relationships they build. If you are thinking about starting or re-starting, take this as encouragement to FINALLY commit to that healthy life!

And hey, friend - respond with a resounding "Yes!" in the comments below and I will make sure to check in with you now and then to see how your fitness journey is going!

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