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Healthy Holiday Grazing

Upon request for healthy Christmas holiday eating tips, I've compiled a list of simple things we can keep in mind to stay on track around the holidays. Do you remember in earlier posts where I suggested to avoid the mindset of "starting over"? Sometimes it is tough to say no to our holiday favourites. Rather than overindulging, you can follow these simple tips for enjoying the holidays as you always have, without the leftover feelings of guilt.

​1. Follow the "Healthy Plate Model". Half a plate of cooked or fresh colourful vegetables on your plate with minimal add-ons of will fill up your stomach with fibre and nutrients before you decided to dive into a reasonable portion of dessert. 2. Put your fork down between bites. This will give you a chance to engage in some healthy family conversation and allow time for the "fullness" reflex to kick in. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to send out and recognize the hormonal signals for fullness.

3. Don't "save up all your calories" for the supper meal. If you are used to having spaced-out meals throughout the day, keep your same routine and avoid the "feast and famine" cycle that comes along with a dieting mindset. 4. Be choosy about the unhealthy condiments, or skip them altogether. Sources of saturated fats include whipped cream, ice cream, gravy, butter, and fatty animal meats. To keep your calories closer to the average healthy meal, choose lighter cream, make a homemade salad dressing out of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, choose lighter turkey meats, and pass on the gravy. Or, choose one or two "added fats" for your whole meal, dessert included. 5. Savour! Take time to enjoy and be thankful for your blessings, and the good food and company around you! Merry Christmas!

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