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"2017 is my year of __________"

A good friend put out a question on social media at the beginning of 2016 asking what word resonated with me when looking toward the new year. (Sound cool? Read on and write your own 2017 word below!) My word was radiance. In anticipation of getting married and embracing my new role as a wife and home owner, my heart was looking to shine and be seen and recognized as radiant. I found that my “year of radiance” perfectly defined the former months of 2016 during wedding season, however mid-summer I felt I was starting to fade. To be completely honest, I felt I was going through an internal crisis of knowing who I was called to be but not having the motivation to become that person – a kind, patient, thoughtful, healthy, happy and thriving human being. I certainly didn’t practice what I preached for fitness and often for nutrition. I felt eternally stuck in a “goal-setting” phase but never taking action or moving forward into the “go-getting” phase! I’m sure some of you have been there before – seeking change and trying to set goals, but not really having the motivation or know-how to get out of that emotional, physical, or social slump. It was so strange knowing the why and wanting to start the how, but not being able to find my “go” button. It’s ironic that I have been more inspired by my clients’ commitment to eating healthy and staying active than I feel I have inspired them to do so. I’ve been super impressed by their drive to learn new food prep techniques and try new recipes, to stay committed to their workouts, and use the knowledge they’ve gained to keep up the momentum. Many of them don’t know this, but I envied their drive for those few months that I couldn’t get out of my own stepping back from a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. For those of you in that downward spiral, I know how hard it is to get out! Fortunately, I have had excellent social supports like my husband and a women’s prayer group at church to help me realize that not taking care of myself affects everything in my life – if not at first, then eventually. For these past few months I’ve been denying my own right to feel awesome and strong, healthy and happy. I wonder how many of you today feel the same way I did during that time. If that is you, why don’t we dive back in together? I’ve been hard at work perfecting the lifestyle programs I offer, and I am so excited to apply them to my own life and then teach it to my clients! As of right now, I’m looking for ten women, men, or couples who are ready for a massive lifestyle overhaul for fitness, nutrition, and maintenance of long-term health. Please, please, please, if you find this post resonates with you – even if you are not ready for the full commitment yet – send me an email or post in the comments below! Doing so and seeking out an accountability mentor is better than not writing down your or sharing goals at all. My new word for 2017? Devotion. Everything will be done with purpose – whether reflecting, relating, resting, or reaching for more. What’s yours?

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