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Healthy Eating 9 to 5

The average person can spend up to half of their wakeful day at work, so your eating behaviours in your workplace can have a significant impact on your health. Skip the drive-thru breakfasts. Bake a big batch of whole-grain breakfast muffins or mix up some oats with milk and fresh or dried fruit for the road. You will save money and steer clear of unnecessary calories, added sugars, and saturated fats. Avoid eating at your desk. Put aside your work for your lunch and coffee breaks. You are much more likely to eat faster and overeat if you are busy with other tasks. Take a walk during your break. If there is an abundance of unhealthy foods or vending machine items in your workplace, you may find it helpful to take a walk around the building to avoid temptation of break room treats. Say no to liquid calories. Flavoured coffee drinks and other dessert-like drinks are a significant source of calories without much nutrition. If you are hooked on coffee, make sure you drink the half-sweet or no-sugar-added version, and add only no fat milk or unsweetened plant-based beverage to cut down on the calories. Your taste buds will adjust over time. Order healthy, wholesome meals or serve a potluck lunch. You can be an initiator of a healthy environment in your workplace! Suggest healthier options for catered lunches, or challenge your coworkers to bring in healthy options and share recipes. Thank you to Rongjia Liu, Nutrition Student for her contribution to this post. For more videos, recipes, cooking tips, and educational videos, visit the Dietitians of Canada Healthy Eating 9 to 5 campaign site!

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